Wasting Less, Recycling More In National Recycling Week

08 Nov 2022 environment

The Central Coast community is being urged to double down on their recycling efforts this week to mark National Recycling Week.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch said the theme of this year’s National Recycling Week is ‘Waste isn't Waste until it's Wasted’.


“This is an important week because it helps remind us about how we can each waste less and recycle more in our daily lives,” Mr Crouch said.


“For example, if you’re not already turning trash into treasure through our Return and Earn scheme, I encourage you to start collecting your bottles and taking them into a local drop off point to get your refund and give those containers a new life.


“Since 2017, more than eight billion containers have been returned, delivering $800 million in refunds to the people of NSW, more than $35 million in donations to community groups and charities, and helping us reduce drink container litter by a massive 52 per cent.


“Perhaps you can recycle your soft plastics by collecting them and dropping them into a soft plastic recycling bin at your supermarket.


“And it you have waste that you don’t know what to do with – like batteries, chemicals or paint – get in touch with the Jilliby Community Recycling Centre, where they’ll take it off your hands for free and recycle it correctly.”


With National Recycling Week underway, the NSW Government has revealed it is increasing the State’s recycling capacity by 3.2 million tonnes, which is equivalent to a staggering 120-thousand semi-trailers stretched end-to-end from Sydney to Cairns.


Minister for Environment James Griffin said the data from the latest report card on the Waste Less Recycle More program details the success of more than 3,000 NSW Government-supported projects in the waste and resource recovery sector.


“The $802.7 million dollar Waste Less Recycle More program is the largest waste and recycling program in Australia, and it has achieved fantastic results since we rolled it out 10 years ago,” Mr Griffin said.


“This NSW Government program is helping us divert an enormous amount of waste from landfill and driving down greenhouse gas emissions.


“We’ve funded infrastructure to increase recycling capacity by 3.2 million tonnes, delivered a 43 per cent reduction in litter, reduced illegal dumping, and managed problem waste like chemicals and batteries better.


“We’ve supported almost 40,000 businesses reduce their waste fees through the BinTrim program, built new roads and footpaths with 11,600 tonnes of recycled glass, and built or expanded 41 composting facilities to increase capacity by 763,00 thousand tonnes.


“For people in need across NSW, the program has supported delivery of 21 million meals through food donation programs, saving unsold fresh food from the bin, and reducing emissions at the same time.”


Waste Less Recycle More ran from 2012 until 2022 and the NSW Government’s new $356 million Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy is tackling plastic waste, boosting infrastructure investment, lowering carbon emissions, and protecting the community from waste pollution.


Grant funding opportunities under the Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy are available on the EPA Grants Calendar: https://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/working-together/grants.


To find out more about your nearest Community Recycling Centre, visit https://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/your-environment/recycling-and-reuse/household-recycling-overview/community-recycling-centres