Labor's School Budget Cut Blunder

10 Apr 2024

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch has condemned the Minns Labor Government over recent revelations that public school budgets have been cut by almost $150 million, despite promising prior to the State Election that their union deals would not impact Central Coast classrooms.

Mr Crouch said that the $150 million cut would have a significant impact on students and teachers in Central Coast schools, accusing the Minns Labor Government of a classic display of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.


“Prior to the election, the Minns Labor Government and the Central Coast Labor members claimed that their union wage deal wouldn’t impact the Budget, and we are seeing time and time again that this just simply isn’t the case.”


“This recent revelation is yet again an example of the Minns Labor Government’s total lack of respect for the people of the Central Coast, saying one thing in opposition and doing the total opposite in government.”


“Yet again, the local Labor members are conspicuous in their absence, much like they were when they were exposed for lying about free parking at Gosford Hospital for visitors and staff.” said Mr Crouch.


Shadow Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the Minns Labor Government needs to come clean to parents about how their children will be affected.


“For more than six months now, we have been calling on the Education Minister to tell us where the ‘savings’ for these union deals would come from, but now we know our students are the ones that are going to pay the price,” Ms Mitchell said.


“Prue Car went out in the media and misled parents and teachers, assuring them the money would not be taken from schools because she had found enough savings from within the bureaucracy.


“Now we could see fewer school jobs and resources, which will have direct consequences on learning - parents have every right to be furious.”