Labor Finally Comes To The Table On Offshore Drilling

07 Feb 2024

With news that the Minns Labor Government will introduce legislation to ban offshore drilling and mining in NSW, Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch said it was welcome news for the Central Coast but criticised the government for their stalling tactics.

“Finally we’re seeing the Minns Labor Government have come to the table and support the Liberal and Nationals in banning offshore drilling and mining in our state, however, they could have done this last year.”


“The Minerals Legislation Amendment (Offshore Drilling and Associated Infrastructure Prohibition) Bill introduced in June 2023 by the Member for Pittwater, Rory Amon, would have done exactly what Labor’s Bill intends to do, but despite this we saw this lazy Labor government delay the Bill as much as they could.”


“The Labor Government, with the support of the Central Coast Labor MPs kicked off the the Coalition’s bill to a stacked environmental committee and then went as far as voting to quash debate on the Bill.”


“Now, seven months later, we see Labor has simply introduced a ChatGPT inspired copy of our legislation, but at least it’s better late than never.”


“I want to congratulate the hard work of my Liberal and National colleagues who have succeeded in driving the government to finally act on banning offshore mining and drilling, which will kill PEP-11 in its entirety.” Mr Crouch said.


Shadow Minister for the Environment, Kellie Sloane said the move was an embarrassing backdown after months of resistance by Labor.


“In an embarrassing backdown after seven months of resistance, Labor has been forced to legislate the Liberal and Nationals’ policy.”


“After denying the opportunity to progress a bill dealing with PEP-11 it appears that Labor has just copied our homework.”


“Without the hard-fought campaign by coastal MPs like Adam Crouch, this strong environmental action would not have happened.”


“We will review the new bill and consider whether any amendments are needed.”