What projects can you apply for

CBP will consider funding requests between $5,000 and $150,000 for projects in NSW involving:

  • capital works including construction of new community infrastructure as well as refurbishment, repair and maintenance of existing community infrastructure.
    Capital works are: improvements to the land or building, or freestanding equipment that will be fixed or installed to the land or building


  • the purchase of freestanding equipment


  • the purchase of vehicle(s) such as cars, buses, trucks, trailers, motorised rescue vehicles including boats and any modifications to existing vehicles


  • projects that can be completed by 31 August 2025


  • projects with one project location per application only


  • an application involving a vehicle must be made separately to a capital works and/or equipment purchase. Your application may be deemed ineligible if you fail to do so.

Applications must include all required documentation.

Example projects

Below are examples of projects that are eligible for CBP funding. This is not an exhaustive list of eligible projects. It is designed to give applicants an idea of the type of projects that are eligible to apply for CBP funding.

  • Resurfacing of sporting courts – e.g. tennis, netball and basketball court upgrades, drainage, playground equipment installation


  • Installation of shade structures – e.g. covered outdoor learning area or refurbishment to courtyard to make an ‘all weather’ area (development consent or exemption may be required)


  • Restoration of building – e.g. restoration of stained-glass windows, roof repair, solar panel installation (owner’s consent for Crown Land, development consent and heritage requirements may apply)


  • Accessibility improvement – e.g. amenities, kerb ramp


  • Kitchen upgrade – e.g. clubhouse kitchen renovation, plumbing, electrical works, purchase of appliances


  • Public announcement system – e.g. purchase of sound equipment, electrical works and installation

What you can’t apply for

Below are examples of projects that are ineligible for CBP funding. This is not an exhaustive list of ineligible projects. It is designed to give applicants an idea of the type of projects that are ineligible to apply for CBP funding.

  • Projects that have commenced works prior to the grant round closing date (27 October 2023)


  • Projects located outside of NSW


  • Projects that seek funding to:
    • run workshops, training or facilitation
    • stage events or exhibit displays
    • undertake filming or recording
    • cover operating costs or recurrent expenses such as staff costs, insurance, leases, bills, clothing, consumables and disposables
    • deliver programs or services
    • undertake studies or investigations
    • purchase land or buildings (fixed assets)


  • Projects that involve the development of private or commercial ventures, including upgrades/works in licensed areas of registered clubs such as liquor and/or gaming areas


  • Projects receiving funding from other grant programs for the same scope of works


  • Projects that should be funded as a core responsibility from another source, such as a local government, the NSW Government or Australian Government


  • Project works or costs that have been or will be covered by insurance claims (e.g. repairs following weather events)


  • Applications submitted after the application closing date


  • Joint application or application submitted on behalf of an auspice organisation


  • Projects seeking funding exclusively for costs associated with planning, or a development consent application


  • Applications without DA approval, where required


  • Applications that request $30,001 or above without quotation


  • Applications without a detailed and itemised project budget for full requested amount.