Three Year Anniversary Of The Terrigal Boardwalk

15 Apr 2024

Sunday 14th of April marked the three-year anniversary of the iconic Terrigal Boardwalk, with tens of thousands of people now using the boardwalk since its official opening by then Premier Gladys Berejiklian in 2021.

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch said the Terrigal Boardwalk continues to be a much loved icon for the community three years on and is a perfect example of the former government’s commitment to delivering infrastructure projects beneficial to local residents.


“Sunday marked the three-year anniversary since the opening of the iconic piece of community infrastructure that is our Terrigal Boardwalk, utilised and enjoyed by so many of all different ages and abilities.”


“What was once merely talk twenty years ago has now become a reality, thanks to the combined efforts of our community, strong investment from the former Berejiklian Liberal-National Government, and Central Coast Council.”


The 277-metre-long boardwalk was jointly funded by the Berejiklian Liberal National Government and Central Coast Council, with Council contributing $2.9 million and the former Berejiklian Government contributing $2.98 million under the NSW Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund.


“Despite a vocal minority campaign against this project which also included every single Labor councillor, including one that worked for the Member for Gosford at the time, opposing this iconic piece of community infrastructure, the Terrigal boardwalk continues to be utilised by thousands of people in spite of Labor trying to deny this for our community.” said Mr Crouch.