Three Year Anniversary Of The Gosford Palliative Care Unit

19 Apr 2024

Today marks the three-year anniversary since the Gosford Palliative Care Unit accepted its first patients, with Sunday also marking the three-year anniversary since it was opened by then Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch and members of the Elsie’s Retreat team.

With over 1,200 individuals using the facility since its opening, Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch said it was an important reminder of just how vital palliative care services are on the Central Coast.


“In the last three years since opening, on average, the unit has provided treatment and support to approximately 400 patients per year which equates to about 1,200 patients over the past three years.”


“In addition to providing that support to over 1,200 patients, we have also seen thousands of family members who have also received the care and support that is provided by the incredible staff every day in this unit.”


“I can say from firsthand experience with the loss of my wife Jill, that our palliative care doctors and nurses in A5 are the best anywhere when it comes to providing best practice palliative care support for our families.” said Mr Crouch.


Mr Crouch said what was most important was that the unit provides the community with choice – while seventy-five percent of people would prefer to pass away at home, it is not always possible for either the patient or the family and the unit provides that necessary support when homecare isn’t available.


“I am so incredibly proud to have been part of the Berejiklian Liberal-National government that delivered the funding for both the infrastructure, but more importantly, the funding for highly trained palliative care doctors and nurses based in the Gosford unit.”


“It was because of the unwavering support from our community, the Elsie’s Retreat Project team, then Health Minister Brad Hazzard and the Central Coast Local Health District staff that helped deliver this state-of-the-art unit for our community.” said Mr Crouch.


With almost forty percent of patients in the Gosford unit coming from the northern part of the Central Coast, Mr Crouch reaffirmed the importance of delivering a palliative care unit at Wyong Hospital to ensure those in the northern part of the region are provided with the same level of support.


“Alongside the then Minister for Regional Heath, Bronnie Taylor, I was proud to announce the $13.6 million necessary to deliver a new dedicated palliative care unit at Wyong Hospital which was part of the former government’s Enhancing End of Life Care program.”


“While the former government has provided the necessary funding for the infrastructure, it is absolutely essential that the Minns Labor Government provide all the necessary recurrent funding for this unit to be fully staffed with the highest level of palliative care specialists just like the unit at Gosford Hospital.”


“My concerns are that given the recent confirmation of the Minns Labor Government’s $250 million cut to palliative care across the state it could make it very difficult for the Local Health District to fund and recruit staff for the Wyong Palliative Care Unit.


“These concerns are shared not just by me, but also from organisations such as the Elsie’s Retreat team and our wider community given that as of yet this funding has not been confirmed.”


Mr Crouch said that he would continue to keep the pressure on the Minns Labor Government and the Central Coast Labor MPs to ensure funding is on the table for both Gosford and Wyong palliative care units.


“At the end of the day, when many of us are no longer here, these units will continue to operate and provide support to so many in our community – and that is exactly why it is incredibly important funding is always on the table for palliative care.”


“The former Liberal-National government made the single largest investment in palliative care in the history of Australia and the Minns Labor Government needs to make sure this funding absolutely continues.” said Mr Crouch.