State Government Refuses To Deliver On Wards Hill Road And Empire Bay Drive

27 Sep 2023

With the NSW Treasurer handing down the 2023-24 NSW Budget last week, Member for Adam Crouch has criticised the Minns Government for not providing any funding for a road study at the intersection of Wards Hill Road and Empire Bay Drive.

Mr Crouch said that the lack of funding for a study into improvements for the Wards Hill Road and Empire Bay Drive intersection is the direct result of a lack of commitment and vision for the Central Coast.


“During the State Election, the issue of the Wards Hill Road and Empire Bay Drive became a hot topic, with the Labor candidate campaigning on finding a solution for this busy intersection.”


“What’s now crystal clear is that Labor never had any intention to investigate options for Wards Hill Road and Empire Bay Drive, providing no funding in the NSW State Budget for a traffic study.”


“Under the former Coalition government, short-term strategies such as lowering the speed limit, new speed signs and investigating a larger merging lane were implemented, however these are short-term strategies, and a study must be done to investigate long-term solutions for this intersection.”


With the State Labor Government failing to provide funding to investigate options for the intersection, Mr Crouch said he will be calling on the Federal Member for Robertson and Federal Government to provide funding for the traffic study.


“I acknowledge the Federal Member for Robertson’s petition for this intersection, in which he calls on all levels of government to look at a solution for Wards Hill Road and Empire Bay Drive, and sadly, his NSW Labor colleagues have ruled themselves out.”


“The only option now for our community is for the Federal Member to stump up the cash for the road study, which I am sure that many in our community will welcome.” said Mr Crouch.