State Government Failing Central Coast Seniors

19 Jul 2023

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch has called on the State Labor Government, as well as the four Central Coast Labor MPs to explain the silence on the suspension of the Regional Seniors Travel Card.

“As of 7:00am on the 7th of July, the State Labor Government has suspended applications for the Regional Seniors Travel Card which were previously open until November 2023.”


“It’s unacceptable that our Seniors are now being disadvantaged by this government, and that the supposed strong Central Coast Labor voices in government are now silent as a whisper on the matter.”


Mr Crouch said that with over 47,000 seniors on the Central Coast applying for the card, the move to suspend applications is a kick in the guts to Central Coast seniors, and a betrayal of our community.


“With over 47,000 seniors applying for the card on the Central Coast, the highest in all of Regional NSW, it’s an absurdity that applications have been suspended.”


“This card has been extremely successful not only in the uptake of the card, but also in bringing down the cost-of-living for our seniors.”


“It’s clear that the next step for this State Labor Government is to cut the program entirely, and disadvantage not only the tens-of-thousands of Central Coast seniors, but all seniors in Regional NSW.”


Mr Crouch said it is now more than important then ever to sign the petition to save the Regional Seniors Travel Card.


To sign the petition to save the Regional Seniors Travel Card, go to