Score A Goal For Suicide Prevention

22 Feb 2022 health community_groups

Sporting clubs across the Central Coast are invited to host free suicide prevention workshops to help players and supporters step up as teammates.

Minister for Mental Health Bronnie Taylor said local suicide prevention committee Save Our Kids From Suicide, or SOKS, received $130,000 in funding from the NSW Government to support local sporting clubs run free workshops ranging from 90 minutes to two days.


“Sport unites the most unlikely of people through a shared love of the game and all the energy it brings,” Mrs Taylor said said.


“We want even the unlikeliest of mates to have each other’s back in life’s tougher moments by knowing what to say after the all-important first step - ‘are you ok?’”


Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch said the suicide prevention workshops will help create a safe space in our community.


“We want people to have the tough conversations in a setting that they are comfortable in, and these workshops will ensure our teammates, coaches and supporters have the tools they need to support someone who is struggling,”


“Sport play an important role in our community, and I encouraging our local sporting groups to put their hands up for these free workshops.”


The suicide prevention workshops cover issues related to depression, anxiety, self-harming behaviors, and being ready, willing and able to help a person with suicidal thoughts.


SOKS Chairman Lester Pearson said he hopes more local clubs putting up their hand for the free training will help create a safer, more supportive local community.


“Many of our community know the devastating and profound loss of losing a loved one to suicide,” Mr Pearson said.


“Our hope is that frequent, safer, empowering conversations on the Central Coast will mean less people considering suicide as a viable option to leave behind the despair, hopelessness or mental pain they are experiencing.”


To register your club’s interest in a free suicide prevention workshop, please contact Katie Allen at Lifeline Central Coast [email protected]


Gosford North Rotary Club established the SOKS program in 2012 to address the issues of youth suicide on the Central Coast.