Respect Our Region: Don't Protest In Sydney On Saturday

30 Jul 2021 health law_and_order

Police have detected online chatter about a second “anti lockdown” protest planned for this weekend.

I am warning Central Coast residents to not travel to Sydney this weekend.

I respect everyone’s democratic right to express their opinions, but I do not support people who do this in an unsafe and selfish way.

Anyone who protests in Sydney on Saturday will be putting the safety of their family and the wider community at risk.

The penalties for attending the protest can include a fine of $11,000 and a jail sentence of six months.

We saw an estimated 150 protesters travel from the Central Coast to Sydney last weekend, which trashed our chances of ending our region’s lockdown. There was no social distancing, no mask wearing, no QR codes and no respect shown at this protest.

The Delta strain is unlike anything we’ve ever faced and that is why we cannot afford to be complacent.