NSW Coastline At Risk Thanks To State Government

03 Jul 2023

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch has slammed the Minns Labor Government’s actions in Parliament on Thursday as they moved to muzzle debate and refer the Minerals Legislation Amendment (Offshore Drilling and Associated Infrastructure Prohibition) Bill to a committee.

It is simply despicable that the Government has decided to kick this Bill, which would protect our pristine coastline from polluting offshore drilling and mining, down the road into committee.”


Mr Crouch said the deferral of the Bill to the Environment and Planning Committee would prevent any progress being made until November at the very earliest.


“It is shameful that this well drafted and ready-to-go Bill will not see the light of day until November at the very earliest, which conveniently is at the end of the Parliamentary sittings for 2023.”


Mr Crouch said the actions taken by the Minns Labor Government leave the door open to proponents of PEP-11 to push ahead with projects.


“The unintended consequence of deferring this Bill is that it signals to companies wanting to undertake offshore drilling and mining that it’s acceptable to go ahead, as the Government would rather save its own face than take real steps to protect our environment.”


“If this Government was all for environmental protection like they say, they would be supporting this Bill instead of kicking it down the road.”