Mount Penang Works Underway

The NSW Government is continuing to improve Mount Penang Parklands in Kariong, with a $3.2 million roadworks project now underway to reduce traffic congestion, support future investment and help create local jobs.

Baxter Track, in the northern section of Mount Penang, is being replaced with a sealed public road with new pedestrian/cyclist paths, a new vehicle access point at Kangoo Road and more than 50 new native trees.  


Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch said that the works form a vital part of NSW Government’s commitment to improving infrastructure at the popular Kariong destination and attracting investment in the Central Coast. 


“The NSW Government has pledged $16 million for vital upgrades across the Mount Penang precinct and when complete, these works will mark $7 million spent so far on road, water, electricity and sewer improvements,” said Mr Crouch. 


“The works will improve amenity for those who visit Mount Penang to work, play or learn by easing traffic congestion in the Parklands. 


“When combined with subsequent works later this year, Baxter Track will provide an alternative access point to the broader Parklands and make it much easier to get in and out particularly at peak school times. 


“Government’s package of infrastructure works is also facilitating private investment in the Parklands and helping to unlock future development opportunities for the Central Coast, meaning more money and jobs will stay in our region.” 


The project is being managed by Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation and in addition to Baxter Track there will also be progress improvements to the nearby Parklands Road later in 2022.


Roadworks are being undertaken by Bolte Civil, a Tuggerah-based company with extensive experience on large civil projects across the Central Coast and beyond. 


“It’s great to see Government using our local workforce, and the project is expected to create more than 30 jobs for Bolte and their subcontractors for the duration of works,” said Mr Crouch. 


Works on Baxter Track are now underway in the northern end of Mount Penang and will continue until July 2022.


The Parklands will operate as usual and no disruption is expected for visitors. HCCDC will work with business tenants to manage any impacts.