How do I apply?

Please note, the CBP program has changed. Please read the guidelines carefully. 

You can download the full guidelines:

Community Building Partnership 2023 program guidelines (PDF 422.4KB)

Applications must include all required documentation such as but not limited to:

  • For applications that seek to build, upgrade or repair facilities, where a Development Application (DA) approval is required: current, valid Notice of Determination.


  • Detailed and itemised project budget for full requested amount.


  • For applications that request $30,001 or above:
    • quotes to verify project expenditure, which align to the information provided in your project budget.


  • Quotes for applications that request $30,000 or less are preferred but not mandatory.

All supporting documentation referenced above must be provided as part of your application. 

Before funding is released, successful applicants will be required to provide other necessary documentation.

To apply for CBP 2023, visit