Hospital Staff Betrayed By Minns Government

29 Jan 2024

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch has slammed the Minns Labor Government for moving to introduce paid parking for hospital staff at Gosford Hospital, labelling it as a massive betrayal to staff.

“Just as this government was caught lying about providing free parking at Gosford Hospital for everybody, we have now seen that the Minns Labor Government intends to rip away the free parking for staff come the 1st of February.”


“This is a massive blow and an enormous betrayal adding yet another cost-of-living pressure to Central Coast locals and shows the great hypocrisy of this government.”


“It was only in 2021 that the now Premier Chris Minns criticised parking fees for staff at hospitals and was quoted saying “slugging them with this fee is a real slap in the face”.”


Mr Crouch said that as usual, local Labor MPs are nowhere to be seen on the issue despite previously criticising the former Liberal-National government on carparking fees at local hospitals.


“It was only last year that the now Minister for the Central Coast congratulated the Health Services Union on allegedly securing free parking at Wyong Hospital, and in 2019, the Member for Gosford criticised parking fees for staff at Gosford Hospital – where are they now?”

“Now in government, our local Labor MPs have not only dropped the ball on this issue but have slammed down the boom gates on our hardworking Central Coast health staff.”


“Excuses provided by this pathetic government are totally unacceptable to our community, and if this government was really concerned about parking for staff and visitors, they would have honoured their original promise and made parking free at Gosford Hospital.”


“I suggest that they might want to change their advertisement in the local paper as they are not a strong voice for anybody on the Central Coast and add this to the litany of broken promises that they are responsible for.”