Free Mental Health Workshops For Parents And Carers

15 Jul 2021 health

Parents, carers, teachers and community members supporting young people experiencing mental health challenges are invited to register for free workshops hosted by headspace.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast and Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch said the 60-minute workshops would help people better understand the unique challenges facing young people, and how to access the most suitable support.

“COVID-19 is placing an extra strain on everyone but is also helping to improve mental health ‘literacy’ and awareness in our community,” Mr Crouch said.

“These free information sessions help parents, carers, teachers and community members recognise warning signs, learn shareable coping skills, and build awareness of the existing support services and pathways.”

Minister for Mental Health Bronnie Taylor said the sessions could benefit the entire community.

“These sessions are for any parent or carer who is worried about their child and doesn’t know how to start a conversation about what’s going on in their lives,” Mrs Taylor.

headspace CEO Jason Trethowan said understanding suicide will also be a key part of the 60-minute workshops.

“Many young people have thoughts of suicide when life seems unbearable and they can’t imagine another way out of what they are going through,” Mr Trethowan said.

“The vast majority of these young people will not act on those thoughts, but we want parents and carers to be able to talk about such thoughts in a way that doesn’t inadvertently shame the young person or encourage them to stay silent.”

The free headspace workshops have been facilitated by a $1.2 million commitment from the NSW Government.





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