Four Weeks Left To 'Dine & Discover NSW'

02 Jun 2021 cost_of_living

With Dine & Discover NSW vouchers due to expire at the end of June, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch is encouraging Central Coast residents to redeem their vouchers before it’s too late.

Mr Crouch said a total of 213,974 vouchers, each worth $25, have already been used at local businesses.

“The NSW Government’s Dine & Discover NSW initiative has injected $5,349,350 into our local economy,” Mr Crouch said.

“We know there are thousands more ‘unspent’ vouchers which local residents must redeem at one of the 438 local businesses signed up to accept the vouchers as an alternative form of payment.

“189,811 residents have received their $100 worth of vouchers, but not all have been used, so I’m urging everyone to ‘dine’ and ‘discover NSW’ before the vouchers expire in four weeks’ time.”

Mr Crouch said the top businesses to benefit are cafes, restaurants, pubs, taverns, bars and clubs.

“The hospitality industry is one of the Central Coast’s biggest employers and I’m delighted to see 166,331 of the $25 ‘dine’ vouchers redeemed at local businesses,” Mr Crouch said.

“A total of 37,271 ‘discover NSW’ vouchers have also been redeemed at museums, galleries, historical sites, cinemas, and sport and recreation activities, including several thousand at the recent Central Coast Air Show.”

Every NSW resident aged 18 and over is eligible to receive two $25 ‘dine’ vouchers which can be used for eating in at restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs and two $25 ‘discover NSW’ vouchers which can be used at cultural institutions, live music and arts venues.

Vouchers will expire after 30 June.

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Number of vouchers provided to Central Coast residents

Number of vouchers redeemed by Central Coast residents




Local business type

Number of vouchers redeemed

Cafes, restaurants, pubs, taverns, bars and clubs


Museums, galleries & historical sites




Sport and recreation activities


Restaurants in accommodation