Fisheries Officers on Patrol this Summer

As the weather warms up, and keen fishers flock to the State’s iconic coastline and waterways, those wetting a line have today been encouraged to abide by the rules to ensure an enjoyable and sustainable summer of fishing.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall joined Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch and Fisheries officers on patrol at Terrigal today as they prepare for a busy holiday period.


“Many people will be staying home this Christmas break, so we know they will want to make the most of their sensational local waterways and coastal fishing opportunities over the summer break,” Mr Marshall said.


“Recreational and charter fishing is worth more than $3.4 billion to the State’s economy every year and the freedom we have to spend quality time with family and friends while wetting a line at some of the world’s most scenic spots is simply priceless.


“That’s why the work of our Fisheries officers with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is so important – they are on patrol each and every day ensuring our precious natural fishing resources are protected and preserved for us all.”


Mr Marshall said Fisheries officers were ramping up their activities as summer approached, not only on the Central Coast but also in areas where illegal fishing had been of concern.


“Most fishers do the right thing, but we know there is a small minority, that don’t respect bag or size limits, and who are ruining it for everyone else. That is why the work of Fisheries officers is so important,” Mr Marshall said.


“In NSW there are 103 fisheries officers who carry out targeted operations to ensure a sustainable industry for all. In the last financial year they were on patrol for more than 77,000 patrol hours and carried out 50,000 inspections.”


Mr Crouch encouraged all fishers right up and down NSW to remember to renew their fishing licence.


"Fishing is one of the most accessible, most rewarding activities available, and goes hand-in-hand with an Aussie summer,” Mr Crouch said.


“We have some beautiful beaches and great waterways to drop a line, along the Central Coast especially, so they should be enjoyed by all in a sustainable way.


“Just be sure you have a current fishing licence and that you check the rules that apply to the area you plan to fish, either on the free FishSmartNSW app or on the NSW DPI website, otherwise it might be you getting caught out.”


Information on legal fishing and marine invertebrate collecting is available through the free FishSmartNSW App.


The public is urged to report suspected illegal fishing activity by calling 1800 043 536 or report online at