Dredging Ahead Of Schedule No Thanks To The State Government

18 Sep 2023

With dredging of the Ettalong Channel due to be completed shortly, Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch has commended the community for applying pressure to the State Government and joining him in demanding dredging occur earlier than the planned October date.

Mr Crouch said that while the early delivery of the dredging is welcome news for the communities on the Bouddi Peninsula, the original timeline announced by the Member for Gosford and welcomed by her Federal colleague was unacceptable.


“Let’s be perfectly clear, the Member for Gosford and her Federal colleague were patting themselves on the back when they announced dredging would occur in October thinking this was perfectly acceptable.”


“Had they bothered to actually speak with the community at any stage of this debacle, they would have realised how ridiculous and unacceptable an October dredging date was for our community.”


Mr Crouch said that the early dredging of the Ettalong Channel is only thanks to community pressure and public outrage that the issue had been addressed earlier than announced by the State Government.


“I want to thank the Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Association and President Mike Allsop for joining me in the fight to have the dredging delivered for our community early rather than waiting around for October.”


“It was thanks to the suggestions by the Association that also saw the delivery of a shuttle bus from Ettalong to Patonga, and also the shuttle ferry between Wagstaffe and Ettalong – none of which was going to be delivered by the State Government.”