Demolition Underway For Empire Bay Boat Shed

04 Oct 2023

With the demolition of the Empire Bay Boat Shed now underway, Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch acknowledged it was a difficult day for the Empire Bay Community.

“I want to thank the Empire Bay Heritage Boat Shed Association for all their efforts in working to save the boat shed, as well as the numerous constituents who contacted my office seeking assistance.”


“Sadly, despite multiple representations to the Minister for Crown Lands, a demolition order has been made with demolition beginning on Tuesday.”


“Despite the Boat Shed Association putting multiple options on the table for the site to Crown Lands, including a proposal to replace the wharf, authorities have continued with the demolition of the site.”


Mr Crouch said that while demolition is underway for the Empire Bay Boat Shed, there is still an opportunity for the site to be utilised for future use.


“During the March election, the Labor candidate for Terrigal and Member for Gosford committed to “ensure funding is on the table” for a replica of the Empire Bay Boat Shed.”


“Now that demolition is underway, the Labor Government needs to provide the necessary funding to rebuild a replica boat shed on the current site, which can be utilised for community usage.”


Mr Crouch said that despite this promise by the Member for Gosford and Labor candidate for Terrigal, no funding was forthcoming in the 2023-24 Budget.


“Paying lip service isn’t going to cut it for our community, and that’s why I will continue to call on this government to provide the necessary funding, as promised, to build a replica boat shed on the current site.” said Mr Crouch.