Delaying Tactics Send Wrong Message To The Community On Environmental Protection

27 Nov 2023

With the Minns Government and Central Coast Labor MPs voting again to delay debate for a second time of an Opposition Bill for which would prevent offshore drilling in NSW, Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch has slammed the move as reckless and sending the wrong message to the community on environmental protection.

During a parliamentary sitting on Wednesday, the Minns Labor Government moved that standing and sessional orders be suspended, delaying debate of the Environment and Planning Minerals Legislation Amendment (Offshore Drilling and Associated Infrastructure Prohibition) Bill 2023 to 2024.


“Once again, the Minns Labor Government and the Central Coast Labor MPs have shown their true colours when it comes to PEP-11, voting to delay debate on a Bill that would make PEP-11 dead in the water.”


“After kicking the Bill off to a stacked Labor Environment and Planning Committee with only one coastal MP, the Liberal Member for Vaucluse, this government now wants to wait until March 2024 before debating the Bill, sending the absolute wrong message to not only our community but the proponents of PEP-11.”


“The Opposition was prepared to accept all the amendments recommended by the committee, however even with these amendments Labor still didn’t have the guts to debate this important Bill.”


Mr Crouch said the community deserves answers after Central Coast Labor MPs voted to support the delaying of the Bill despite promising to fight against PEP-11.


“The local Labor MPs were quick to promise they would fight against PEP-11 at any costs, but it’s clear as day that they’re more interested in toeing the party line then and can’t be trusted to stand up for protecting our environment.”