Bail Reform Another Step In Taking More Action On Domestic Violence

25 Jun 2024

The NSW Opposition has sought to introduce the Bail Amendment (Serios Personal Violence and Electronic Monitoring) Bill 2024 as an important step to responding to violence against women.

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch said he welcomed the amendment put forward by the Opposition and that it would be another part of tackling the broader issue of violence against women.


“It is clear that we all need to do more in addressing domestic violence and violence against women, and bail reform is an important component in addressing this.”


“The legislation being proposed by the NSW Opposition will amend the Bail Act 2013 with several proposals to strengthen bail laws which will comprehensively improve safety for victims of family and domestic violence.” said Mr Crouch.


The Opposition’s Bail Act 2013 amendments to strengthen bail laws include:


  • Expanding the use of electronic monitoring devices to bail on serious domestic violence charges.


  • Expanding the grounds for stopping the release of alleged offenders pending review of the decision to grant the person bail.


  • Removing the power for registrars to determine bail for serious personal violence charges where bail is opposed, given the widespread audio-visual capacity across our courthouses enabling magistrates to make orders from centralised locations if necessary.


“These sensible amendments are fundamental to ensuring women, children and their families are protected from offenders on bail and will improve safety as a whole.”


“We will continue to work constructively across the Parliament to progress sensible bail reform and improve the community’s safety.”


Mr Crouch said that tackling the scourge of domestic violence requires a bipartisan and constructive approach and Sunday’s Central Coast Walk for Women was a clear example that the Central Coast stands united in addressing domestic violence.


“Joining my fellow parliamentary colleagues on Sunday signified that we all are committed to, and have a part to play in preventing domestic violence in our communities.”


“We’ve made it clear that the Central Coast has zero tolerance to domestic violence, and we will do all we can to stop it.”