App Helps Drivers Save On Petrol As Fuel Excise Discount Ends

28 Sep 2022 transport

Drivers across the Central Coast are being urged to use the FuelCheck app to find a cheaper petrol station and save up to $10 a tank as the fuel excise discount ends today.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch encouraged drivers to download the FuelCheck app during the busy school holiday period.


FuelCheck has been an overwhelming success, with more than 2.2 million drivers across the state downloading the free app, and 93 per cent giving it the thumbs up,” Mr Crouch said.


“With high petrol prices right now, drivers can find the cheapest fuel anywhere across our region and broader NSW in real-time, conveniently in the palm of their hand.


“The app can save drivers up to $800 a year and is just one of the measures contributing to the almost $7 billion delivered in cost-of-living savings to NSW residents since July 2017.


“Prices can vary greatly between petrol stations so if you’re filling up a 50L tank and there’s a 20 cent difference between service stations, you’d save $10 by filling up at the cheaper one.


“Driving a couple of hundred metres down the road to a cheaper petrol station can really pay off and boost your budget.


“Additionally, drivers can pre-plan their trip to the servo by accessing the FuelCheck service online, from your computer.


“Simply just add your postcode and preferred type of fuel and let the FuelCheck do the searching for you.”


The FuelCheck app can be downloaded via the Appstore or Google Play.


Alternatively, you can access it online via