Another Broken Promise For The Central Coast

03 Aug 2023

With the Minns Labor Government confirming they will not provide free parking to staff and patients at Gosford Hospital, Shadow Minister for the Central Coast Scott Farlow, Shadow Minister for Regional Health Bronnie Taylor and Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch have said it's another broken promise for the Central Coast.

Mr Crouch said it was only two weeks ago that the Minister for the Central Coast, David Harris, reaffirmed their promise to match the Coalition’s commitment for free parking at Gosford Hospital. 


“What we have seen today with this announcement from the Minns Labor government is yet another broken promise to the people of the Central Coast. 


“The Minister for the Central Coast says that the Minns Labor Government will deliver on all of its commitments to the Central Coast. Well obviously, that’s not the case.” said Mr Crouch. 


Mr Farlow said the Government needs to come and explain why Gosford Hospital is being treated differently to all other hospitals in rural and regional NSW. 


“If the government is going to change the Central Coast’s classification as a region, what other programs will be impacted?” 


“This is yet another example of the Government saying one thing and doing another. The people of the Central Coast deserve better.” said Mr Farlow. 


Ms. Taylor said as a former nurse at Gosford Hospital and former Minister for Regional Health, she knows how important the commitment the Coalition made was to the people who use Gosford Hospital everyday. 


“What we are seeing now is the real Labor who will promise anything before an election and then not deliver which is a complete betrayal to the people of the Central Coast. It’s clear that Labor do not care about our regions.” Ms. Taylor said. 


Mr Crouch said what was most disappointing was the silence on the matter from the Central Coast Labor MPs. 


“The Member for Gosford spoke on parking fees at Gosford Hospital back in 2019, calling for their reduction.” 


“Now that her own government has broken their promise, the Member is nowhere to be seen – the definition of hypocrisy.”